Reception of new children in the childrens home

15 December 2018  

Due to the fact that 3 girls are living is place in the childrens home for new children.

We are going to welcome four new children ( three girls and one boy) next January in the childrens home.

The home mother Eunice already found two needy girls. One girl with the name Vallary which is eight years old and she is living with her grandmother in Lambwe. She is really in need.

Another girl is called Louice. She is seven years old and unfortunately she had lost one of her parent.

The third girl is Lilian.

We also got a boy and his name is Felix.

Wir are looking for sponsors for this childrens.

Although, they should alredy come to the childrens home in order not to miss the beginning of the school.

(images: Louice, Vallary, Felix und Lilian)