Neuer Homebased-Junge Bernard

27 April 2019  

The childrens home leader Eunice is searching for especially poor families in the neighborhood in order to visit them.

During one of this visit we became attentive of a family which had a particularly tragic fate: While fishing  on the Victoria Lake the father and the older brother has died because the hippo has overturned the little fishing boat. Another sun has died due to a traffic accident. After all the woman and her three children got displaced from her brother-in-low. She lives now with her three children (one year old girl, three years old girl and thirteen years old boy) in a little miserable shack.

We were thinking about how we could help this poor family. We have decided to include the thirteen years old boy Bernard into our homebased-program that he is able to visit a school. I, Dani, have resume the sponsorship of him.