Fund-raising campaign “construction of a playschool”

2 February 2020  

We are building a “Nazareth Kindergarten” for our children and disadvantaged children who are supported by the “compassion” organization.

We already started to build the playschool on our ground next to the house of the leaders of the childrens home. We will build a structure composed of stone, plus some toilets.

Since last January the kindergarten has started with the baby class. As long as the new building is not finished the teaching will be done in our new guest house. After 2 weeks we already had 52 registrations.

It’s planned that if the building is finished coming May the kids will move to the kindergarten. If the play school is running good, then we are going to add yearly a new class. Due to that we will provide the kids a better future.

We keep you updated about the fund-raising and the construction of the kindergarten on our website.

bank account:

account member: Nazareth Kinderheim Kenia e.V.

IBAN: DE72 5009 0500 0002 9501 45

use of the donation: Bau „Nazareth Kindergarten“


We already want to say many thanks and may God bless you!!