“Operation for Alexis”

25 January 2021  

On November 20th, we received the message from Alexis via detours. A few days later, on November 24th, we set off to visit the family.

Alexis was born on 25th October 2020 with a cleft lip and palate („harelip“). His father is unknown and his mother is still a schoolgirl. They both live with their mother, remotely and in poor conditions. Alexis is very weak as it is difficult for him to eat. Furthermore, food is very expensive. For Nazareth, it was immediately clear to support the family. So we promised the mother to have Alexis operated on as soon as possible and to cover the costs. In order to provide Alexis with adequate food, we commissioned a nurse to get it and to take care of the family on a regular basis.

On 15th January 2021, the mother, Alexis and the nurse set off to Kisii, a town with about 115.000 inhabitants, about 50 km from their home. There, it is possible to have Alexis operated on in a hospital of a higher standard. However, in the condition Alexis is currently in, the doctor is not prepared to operate on him. He is too weak and needs to gain weight. So we have urged those involved to make sure that the boy reaches the required weight as soon as possible. We will of course provide them with the necessary food free of charge.

The Board has decided to call for a fundraising campaign for the upcoming surgeries and to set up a “ help fund“ for further emergencies.

The surgery was performed in April at the hospital in Kisii.

The first operation went well.

The harelip was successfully removed.

The second surgery took place in December 2021, also in the hospital.

It has been successful.

It is a blessing for the whole family.

Thank you very much for all the donations and God bless you !!!!