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Spendenaufruf “Hungersnot in Kenia”

6 June 2022

Die Auswirkungen des Ukraine-Krieges, wie z.B. der hohe Weizenpreis, sind leider für die armen Bevölkerungsschichten in Kenia verheerend.

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Jahresrückblick 2021

26 February 2022

Liebe Paten, liebe Freunde und Unterstützer des Nazareth Kinderheims, im Jahresrückblick von 2021 können Sie große und kleine Ereignisse von unserem Kinderheim in Rangwe nachlesen.

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Jahresrückblick 2020

31 January 2021

Liebe Paten, liebe Freunde und Unterstützer des Nazareth Kinderheims, im Jahresrückblick von 2020 können Sie große und kleine Ereignisse von unserem Kinderheim in Rangwe nachlesen.

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“Operation for Alexis”

25 January 2021

On November 20th, we received the message from Alexis via detours. A few days later, on November 24th, we set off to visit the family. Alexis was born on 25th October 2020 with a cleft lip and palate („harelip“). His father is unknown and his mother is still a schoolgirl. They both live with their […]

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Keniareise vom 04.10. – 18.10.2020

9 November 2020

“Trachtet aber zuerst nach dem Reich Gottes und nach seiner Gerechtigkeit! Und dies alles wird Euch hinzugefügt werden.”
(Matthäus 6.33)

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New hut for the mother of Jerry and Anna

1 July 2020

It became obvious over a period of time, that the old mud hut of the mother of Jerry and Anna needed a replacement. It was in a very bad shape.

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Spendenaufruf “Unterstützung für die arme Bevölkerung”

14 April 2020

Bestimmt haben Sie auch schon durch die Medien erfahren, dass der Corona-Virus leider auch in Kenia Einzug gehalten hat.

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Nazareth Wald

5 April 2020

Vor sechs Jahren, hat der Vorstand beschlossen, ein Grundstück zu kaufen (ca. zwei Hektar), um dort Mais anzupflanzen.

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Fund-raising campaign “construction of a playschool”

2 February 2020

We are building a “Nazareth Kindergarten” for our children and disadvantaged children who are supported by the “compassion” organization.

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The year in review

31 January 2020

Dear paten lovely friends and dear sponsors of the Nazareth childrens home. In our review of 2019 are you able to get information about little and big occassion of our childrens home in Rangwe. It’s amazing what everything happend and what kind of changes we had. […] You are going to find the whole report […]

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Travelogue December 2019 – January 2020

19 January 2020

Today I would like to report my second journey to Kenya and about the visit in our childrens home. I took my flight on 29.12.2019 from Amsterdam to Nairobi. After arriving in Nairobi I flew to Kisumu. On 30.12.2019 I’ve landed in Kisumu. The home-mother Eunice and my godson Bernard collected me at the airport […]

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Fundraising “Fountain for Kanyaluo”

17 November 2019

Kanyaluo is located about 20km northwest from Rangwe in the deep bush. In this area is common that it have regulary dry-seasons which makes impossible to grow vegetables and corn. Due to long-lasting dry-seasons is the harvest of corns since around 3 years not enough for the villagers. During the dry-season dominates the lack of […]

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German general meeting 2019

5 November 2019

On 02.11.2019 took place our annual general meeting of “Nazareth Kinderheim Kenia e.V.” in Niedernhausen. Our first leader Markus Walker has informed us about news and showed us current images of the last Kenya trip. We had several discussions and important decisions for the future has been made. Especially we were happy about our guests, […]

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Treatment for Adrian

12 May 2019

As we visited a family in the bush on the 2nd May, a mother has shown us her son.</p

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Camp im April

3 May 2019

From 08.04.19 till 14.04.19, we had a camp in the children’s home area.

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Trip to Lambwe

3 May 2019

In the first week of our Kenya stay we made a trip to Lambwe. The reason of the excursion was that we wanted to visit the family of Samson and to look at the fountain, which we have built there.

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Visiting especially poor families in the bush

3 May 2019

After speaking with Eunice, head of the children’s home, we (Eunice, Anna-Lena, Bodo, Markus, Tim and Dani) have been visiting some especially poor families in the bush.

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Neuer Homebased-Junge Bernard

27 April 2019

The childrens home leader Eunice is searching for especially poor families in the neighborhood in order to visit them.

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Jahresrückblick 2018

21 February 2019

Liebe Paten, liebe Freunde und Unterstützer des Nazareth Kinderheims, der Jahresrückblick von 2018 fasst eine Auswahl von großen und kleinen Ereignissen rund um unser Kinderheim in Rangwe zusammen.

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Reception of new children in the childrens home

15 December 2018

Due to the fact that 3 girls are living is place in the childrens home for new children. We are going to welcome four new children ( three girls and one boy) next January in the childrens home. The home mother Eunice already found two needy girls. One girl with the name Vallary which is […]

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