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New hut for the mother of Jerry and Anna

1. July 2020

It became obvious over a period of time, that the old mud hut of the mother of Jerry and Anna needed a replacement. It was in a very bad shape.

Then recently, anytime during day and night, strangers broke into the “house” and stole from the mother that had so little anyways. When we heard, that she even was raped one night, it was enough for us. A new hut must be build and quick!

After consultation with Eunice, the leader of our childrens home, we immediately transfered € 1.000,- for building a new hut. This covered the whole project. A few days later the hut was already completed. The mother is so happy and grateful for the support.

By the way, the break ins have stopped, and the man, who raped here, has been caught and is now spending time in prison for his crime.

Eunice visits the mother of Anna and Jerry regularly. They have built a garden together, where she grows her own vegetables.

Thank you so much and may God bless you! To all, who support Nazareth by prayer and donations.

Spendenaufruf “Unterstützung für die arme Bevölkerung”

14. April 2020

Bestimmt haben Sie auch schon durch die Medien erfahren, dass der Corona-Virus leider auch in Kenia Einzug gehalten hat.Zum Artikel

Aktuelle Infos zu Corona in Kenia

5. April 2020

  • Aktuell sind 41.937 Menschen in Kenia mit dem Covid-19 infiziert; 787 Menschen sind leider daran verstorben (Stand: 15. Oktober 2020).Zum Artikel

Nazareth Wald

Vor sechs Jahren, hat der Vorstand beschlossen, ein Grundstück zu kaufen (ca. zwei Hektar), um dort Mais anzupflanzen. Zum Artikel

Fund-raising campaign “construction of a playschool”

2. February 2020

We are building a “Nazareth Kindergarten” for our children and disadvantaged children who are supported by the “compassion” organization.
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The year in review

31. January 2020

Dear paten
lovely friends and dear sponsors of the Nazareth childrens home.

In our review of 2019 are you able to get information about little and big occassion of our childrens home in Rangwe.

It’s amazing what everything happend and what kind of changes we had.


You are going to find the whole report on this     PDF-Datei !

Lovely Greetings,
Markus Walker

Travelogue December 2019 – January 2020

19. January 2020

Today I would like to report my second journey to Kenya and about the visit in our childrens home.

I took my flight on 29.12.2019 from Amsterdam to Nairobi.

After arriving in Nairobi I flew to Kisumu. On 30.12.2019 I’ve landed in Kisumu.

The home-mother Eunice and my godson Bernard collected me at the airport with a matatu. It was a big suprise and joy for me that Bernard was also there. For him it was the first trip to Kisumu and he was amazed of everything.

We went all together to the supermarket for shopping. At lunch, I invited everyone to a meal before we started our journey back to Rangwe.

As we arrived at Samsons and Eunice home everyone welcomed me. Our leader of the association and Michael from from Switzerland were already there.

We enjoyed our evening in the childrens home. During this time we had a camp with all homebased-children and children from the neighborhood from 28.12.2019 till 010.01.2020. Samson gave us a preaching an I introduced myself.

On the next day there were football games between children of Nazareth and different schools from midday till evening. It have played four teams.

In the afternoon I could visiting my parent family with Eunice. I’ve given them my gifts and the mother and children were very happy about it.

Due to the reason we had new years’s eve the children were dancing with music. Afterwards we were dancing with music. Afterwards we were sitting all together at the bonfire. My godchild Bernard was also with me and it was an unforgettable time as well as a special turn of the year for me.

On the first day of the year took place a preach in the morning.

After the preach our homebase-children went home.

One day later we went to the next biggest city to Homabay to buy food. After this we drove to Samsons birth place to Lambwe to visit his family. We also wanted to see our fontain which we have built there. We have visited poor families to give them food which we bought in Homabay. After that we could enjoy a meal in the church. As a present we received a chicken which we gave Samson and Eunice. After arriving in Rangwe we got invited for eat dinner from Yunis.

We also visited poor families in the bush to bring them food parcel together with Eunice. As well we met little Adrian and his family. Adrian is doing well after his treatment (check on the Nazareth website) and the parents were very thankful and happy.

One day later we ate the last meal together with Michael and listened to a preach.

Michael flew back on the next day. Eunice and Markus took him to the airport in Kisumu.

The new Nazareth kindergarten has started in the beginning of January with the baby class.

From day to day new children were joining the play school. As long as the new building is not finished the children are going to erudite in the new guest house where two teachers are employed.

In the evening we cooked al together Pizza and the children had a lot of fun.

On a Saturday morning we had “happy breakfast” in our childrens home.

We also visited another childrens home next to Rangwe which is called “Ebenessa” and we distributed candy. The children were very happy about our visit.

It was amazing to experience the african church service with the singing and clapping. Also to see the sunday school.

On the 12.01.2020 was our farewell dinner in the childrens home.

It was hard to say goodbye.

Markus and me where taken to the airport in Kisumu.

After visiting the touristic market we have have eaten a meal together.

Afterwards we took our flight to Nairobi. From Nairobi we flew to Amsterdam on the next day and forward to Germany. We have landed saftely in Germany.

It was a special journey and a wonderful time in Kenya, but the time went very fast.

Daniela Pletz

Fundraising “Fountain for Kanyaluo”

17. November 2019

Kanyaluo is located about 20km northwest from Rangwe in the deep bush. In this area is common that it have regulary dry-seasons which makes impossible to grow vegetables and corn. Due to long-lasting dry-seasons is the harvest of corns since around 3 years not enough for the villagers. During the dry-season dominates the lack of water, especially clean drink water.

For the villagers it’s every day a big fight to get clean water. It’s always a long way to the next standpipe. To organise the drink water is mostly the job of the children and the woman.

In order that the human are able to get clean water around and to grow vegetables, decided the management and the club members at the last general meeting that we are going to build a fountain for the whole village.

The depth and the cost aren’t 100% known at the moment, due to the fact that the nature of the ground and the effort of the work aren’t established so far. However we calculate with costs in amount of 15.000 Euro (for the borehole, daw, water pipes, water pump, solar panel, pole, water tank, personnel costs).

To sponsor the villagers we want to start to build as soon as possilbe.

With your donations are you going to give the people hope, and a very good perspective to build a future for their families. Because water means life!!!

Like the verse says: “I want to give to the thirsty from the source of living water for free”.

We keep you updated about the process of the foundraising and the building of the fountain on our homepage.

bank connection:

account holder: Nazareth Kinderheim Kenia e.V.

IBAN: DE72 5009 0500 0002 9501 45

Purpose: “Fountain for Kanyaluo”

Already now many thanks for your donation and may God bless you!

German general meeting 2019

5. November 2019

On 02.11.2019 took place our annual general meeting of “Nazareth Kinderheim Kenia e.V.” in Niedernhausen.

Our first leader Markus Walker has informed us about news and showed us current images of the last Kenya trip.

We had several discussions and important decisions for the future has been made.

Especially we were happy about our guests, which participated at the meeting.

It was a successful general meeting.


Treatment for Adrian

12. May 2019

As we visited a family in the bush on the 2nd May, a mother has shown us her son.Zum Artikel

Camp im April

3. May 2019

From 08.04.19 till 14.04.19, we had a camp in the children’s home area.

Zum Artikel

Trip to Lambwe

In the first week of our Kenya stay we made a trip to Lambwe. The reason of the excursion was that we wanted to visit the family of Samson and to look at the fountain, which we have built there.Zum Artikel

Visiting especially poor families in the bush

After speaking with Eunice, head of the children’s home, we (Eunice, Anna-Lena, Bodo, Markus, Tim and Dani) have been visiting some especially poor families in the bush.Zum Artikel

Neuer Homebased-Junge Bernard

27. April 2019

The childrens home leader Eunice is searching for especially poor families in the neighborhood in order to visit them.
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Reisebericht 2019

Heute möchte ich von meiner Reise nach Kenia und von dem Besuch in unserem Kinderheim berichten :

Unser erster Vorsitzender Markus Walker und ich sind von Amsterdam aus zusammen nach Nairobi geflogen. In Nairobi haben wir zwei  Freunde getroffen. Wir sind dann zusammen nach Kisumu geflogen. Das Heimleiterehepaar Eunice und Samson und ihre Verwandten haben uns ganz herzlich am Flughafen begrüsst. Zum Artikel

Jahresrückblick 2018

21. February 2019

Liebe Paten,
liebe Freunde und Unterstützer des Nazareth Kinderheims,
der Jahresrückblick von 2018 fasst eine Auswahl von großen und kleinen Ereignissen rund um unser Kinderheim in Rangwe zusammen.Zum Artikel

Reception of new children in the childrens home

15. December 2018

Due to the fact that 3 girls are living is place in the childrens home for new children.

We are going to welcome four new children ( three girls and one boy) next January in the childrens home.

The home mother Eunice already found two needy girls. One girl with the name Vallary which is eight years old and she is living with her grandmother in Lambwe. She is really in need.

Another girl is called Louice. She is seven years old and unfortunately she had lost one of her parent.

The third girl is Lilian.

We also got a boy and his name is Felix.

Wir are looking for sponsors for this childrens.

Although, they should alredy come to the childrens home in order not to miss the beginning of the school.

(images: Louice, Vallary, Felix und Lilian)






Bau eines Heimleiter- und Gästehauses

Für den zukünftigen Nachfolger für unseren Heimleiter Samson werden wir ein Heimleiter- und Gästehaus auf dem Kinderheimgelände bauen lassen.Zum Artikel

Deutsches Vereinstreffen

9. November 2018

Am 27.10.2018 fand die jährliche Mitgliederversammlung des “Nazareth Kinderheim Kenia e.V.” in Niedernhausen statt. Wir hörten mit Spannung unserem ersten Vorsitzenden Markus Walker zu, der die neusten Informationen und aktuellen Bilder von seiner letzten Keniareise vorstellte.Zum Artikel

Besuch in Kenia

13. October 2018

Unser erster Vorsitzender Markus Walker war vom 07. August bis 07. September 2018 in unserem Kinderheim in Rangwe. Zum Artikel